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Fully Customizable Human Resources Management Solutions for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses.


Custom virtual and/or in-person HR services for small to medium size businesses looking for assistance growing, training, and managing your team.


Expert human resources consultation services to develop a human resources strategy that will enable your team to thrive.


Whether it’s teaching your in-house HR team effective practices for recruiting, interviewing and general compliance or leadership/staff/team development.

Our Services

At Complete HR Services, LLC we understand that no one team is the same, so why should your human resources management strategy be the same?

We partner with small and medium-sized businesses to provide comprehensive human resources solutions that will support your on-site human resources staff or provide you with a long-term reliable human resources partner if you’re still growing your team and feel like you’re doing it all. Let us take the human resources planning, coordination, and execution off of your plate so you have time to focus on growing your business!

Our services are designed to be fully customizable, offered a la carte or as a part of a carefully curated human resource management service package to meet the needs of your team.

By outsourcing your human resource management tasks, you not only save your company money, but you’re regaining the time spent on tasks management shouldn’t be managing.

Below you’ll find a sampling of our Complete HR Services, LLC offerings. But keep in mind – this isn’t everything! Learn more about our process to discover how we can formulate the perfect HR services package for your team.

General Human Resources Consultations

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and evaluate the foundation of your company’s human resources strategy as you grow your business. But with a small team, you may not always have the time or opportunity to fully dive in, so outsourcing your human resources strategy and asking for help is key for success.

Services Include:

  • HR Forms Evaluation & Updates
  • Employee Review/Appraisal Forms
  • Disciplinary Forms
  • Applications
  • Employee Handbook Evaluation & Updates

Leadership and Staff Development

We believe that a company’s biggest asset, its employees, is the foundation for success. Together with PEAK Mindset, LLC, we have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and deliver high-performance leadership skills training across all levels of management including: front-line managers, senior leaders, and executives as well as future leaders.

Services Include:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with Leadership
  • Customized Leadership Lessons – Leadership Development Training Packages
    • Perspective Training
    • Navigating Difficult Conversations
    • Personal Bias in Leadership
    • Topics tailored to your team
  • Kolbe Index Assessment and Analysis

Human Resources Hotlines

You’ll be able to take your direct line off your email signature after introducing our one-of-a-kind human resources hotline services. Whether you want your in-house team member to have access to a skilled external Human Resources Executive or you’d like an external partner to manage employee HR-related issues, we can help with 24-hour max response times.

Services Include:

  • Employee Human Resources Hotline
  • Human Resources Staff Hotline

Employee Engagement & Retention

Today on average, employee turnover costs a company 1/3 of that employee’s salary. This can result in thousands and thousands of dollars of lost revenue annually. Let us help you develop strategies that engage and excite your employees, so they don’t go anywhere!

Services Include:

  • Employee Engagement Surveys & Results Action Planning
  • Employee Exit Interviews & Results Action Planning
  • Leadership Training

Employee Performance Management

You are only as strong as your weakest link. To empower and develop your team, we can help create and implement an effective and comprehensive employee review process. This way, your team will grow with you, not leaving anyone behind.

Services Include:

  • Curating Your Employee Review Process
  • Generation of Employee Evaluation Forms in Accordance with Industry Standards
  • Review and Analysis of Current Employee Evaluation Forms
  • General Employee Review Process Management
  • Identify Growth Areas to Target for Your Team’s Success

Human Resources Compliance

As an employer it’s critical you stay up to date in terms of employment compliance laws and practices. But as a small business owner you may be wondering when you have time in your day to learn all that. Our human resources compliance services will take that task off your plate and help you mitigate risk.

Services Include:

  • Compliance Audits for Employee Files (I-9, W-4, DOT, etc.)

Custom Human Resources Solutions

All of the above services and more can be customized to fit your team’s requirements. Whether you need one document updated or want to revamp your entire human resources strategy, let us take the burden off of you!

Our Process

We believe a partnership is a two-way street, which is why all our new HR partnerships start with a conversation…

1.) We get to know your business.

Each business is different, each team is different, each city is different – we always look forward to learning about what makes your business unique and understanding what fuels your team.

2.) We learn about your goals.

We ask questions and listen about what your immediate and long-term goals are for both the company and your team, as well as what roadblocks may pop up along the way.

3.) We craft a custom HR solutions proposal.

Through examining current pain points and considering company goals, we craft a custom human resources solutions proposal with virtual HR solutions we think will benefit your team.

4.) We customize with your feedback in mind.

After you review our proposal, we can customize your HR services accordingly to make sure you’re receiving exactly what you’re looking for – whether a one-time service or a monthly package.

5.) We partner to help your company excel.

With Complete HR Services, LLC you will never be alone. As a human resource outsourcing company, we are your partner in organizational success. As we continue to work together, we will customize and alter services as required to reach those big goals for your business.

A little bit about me
and my previous work

My Experience:

I believe at the base of every successful business is a successful team.  As a veteran of the corporate world, I’ve held executive management and human resources positions in retail, long-term care, hospitality and events, education and other small to medium-sized business environments.  Through these diverse experiences, I’ve discovered the ideal ways to streamline human resources management processes, design effective ways to engage and excite employees at every level, help management train for profitable outcomes and so much more.

A few facts about me:

  • I am based in Breckenridge, CO but love working with teams both virtually and in-person across the country.
  • I have a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Speech Communications which I love using to help teach companies how to cultivate their teams and communicate effectively for productive business outcomes.
  • I am a SHRM-Certified Professional and a member of both the National Chapter of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) and the Mile High SHRM Chapter (Denver, CO).
  • A few of my hobbies include:  playing tennis and/or pickleball, snow skiing (though I spend more time in the snow vs. on the ski’s), and reading true crime.

What Our Partners Are Saying…

“Complete HR Services has helped our business grow by taking over the important function of managing our HR department.  As a small business owner, I know HR is an important piece to our growth but not one I felt I had time to focus on.  Tom helped us by developing a comprehensive handbook, organizing our employee files, developing interview questions along with sitting in on all interviews which helped us maintain a low turnover rate.  With him helping us to find and hire the right people from the start, we have been able to grow and expand our business onto a national market.  I couldn’t afford to hire a full-time HR professional and this is where I have found Complete HR Services to be a perfect fit for our needs – I recommend them to those who want to grow their business or watch their bottom line!”

“Complete HR Services has been a lifesaver for our company!!!  We have used their services multiple times from taking care of our employee process to unemployment follow-up.  Their staff has been very timely in their response and knowledgeable, even making suggestions for our company that we didn’t think about. I highly recommend them and will continue to use their services moving forward.”

“Tom is by far the best human resources partner I have ever worked with and put into place organizational systems and standard operating procedures. In my experience my employees had the most job satisfaction as well as valued their role in our community through his oversight and support.  Tom created an environment that was organized, structured, forward thinking, and just overall positive and fun, and I know he helped protect us legally as a company.  He is truly the best in the business.”

We hired Complete HR Services to get a pulse on our company culture and examine our HR processes and procedures. They not only conducted a team engagement survey, but also helped us develop a plan to address the opportunities found through the engagement survey. Complete HR Services also audited employment files, updated our employee handbook, and even wrote new policies for our company to ensure that we were compliant with all the local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Complete HR Services did an amazing job and we highly recommend them to anyone in need of HR services! We were COMPLETE-ly satisfied!!

“Any leadership position is a an ever-changing role – Tom is a constant light of positivity – he has an ability to see the best in people and empower them to excel professionally and personally.  His leadership style is personable and understanding all while remaining consistent and within any rules/regulations of the industry.  He is the type of leader that people want to work with, which is why his leadership development training was so impactful for our organization!

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